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Waterproof Solar Powered LED Garden Lawn Lights


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Weight(g): 4LED Warm white-4pcs:508; 8LED White-4pc:550; 4LED Warm white-16pcs:2110; 8LED Warm white-4pc:550; 4LED Warm white-8pcs:1052; 4LED Warm white-1pc:144.

Package Weight(g): 4LED Warm white-4pcs:512; 8LED White-4pc:600; 4LED Warm white-16pcs:2161; 8LED Warm white-4pc:600; 4LED Warm white-8pcs:1065; 4LED Warm white-1pc:180.

Package Size(mm): 4LED Warm white-4pcs: 250*200*200; 8LED White-4pc: 125*125*135; 4LED Warm white-16pcs: 250*200*200; 8LED Warm white-4pc: 125*125*135; 4LED Warm white-8pcs: 250*200*200; 4LED Warm white-1pc: 100*100*100.


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