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Cracked Glass Ball LED Solar Light Solar Power Garden Light Outdoor Waterproof Ground Lamp Buried Light for Path Yard Lawn


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– Solar power supply mode, no electricity fee, automatically lighting in the evening.
– The shell of this product is made of glass. The broken glass ball and the built-in LED light string make it more aesthetic.
– Warm white light is especially suitable for creating an atmosphere and can improve your mood.
– It can be used for courtyard decoration, or be placed indoors where the sun can directly shine. The appearance of a glass ball is an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor decoration.
– This product comes with accessories for inserting on the ground and decorating your lawn.

1. The lamp will be charged in the sun where there is sunshine. At night, the light sensor will automatically turn on.
2. Please don’t put it in the place where the light is strong at night.
3. If there is no sunshine for several consecutive days, its brightness will decrease, which is a normal phenomenon.

Material: Glass + Plastics
Light source: LED
Size: 10*10*8.5 cm (small)/11*11*12 cm (large)
Packaging size: 12.5*12.5*10 cm/15*15*12.7 cm
Weight: 370g/580g
Light color: warm white
Number of LED beads: 20/30
Power: 0.2 W per bead
Voltage: 2.4V
Solar panels: 2V/80mA single crystal silicon

Package Content:
1 x solar glass light

Weight(g): 10cm:300; 12cm:500.

Package Weight(g): 10cm:320; 12cm:520.

Package Size(mm): 10cm: 120*100*100; 12cm: 140*120*120.


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