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WNA Reflections Cake/Pie Server, Set of 2


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WNA Reflections Cake/Pie Server, Set of 2

  • Number of pieces: ‎2
  • Date First Available: Aug. 5 2014
  • Manufacturer: WNA


WNA Reflections Cake/Pie Server features a triangular serving blade that easily supports slices of your favorite pie. This server has a serrated side to aid in cutting the pie as well. Thin and flexible enough to slip under a pie wedge without breaking the crust, this tool plates a piece of pie without spilling the cherries. Its shape makes it ideal for quiche and other wedgeshaped baked goods, and for turnovers and other pastries that are too hot to be lifted by hand. Set of 2.




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Date First Available

Aug. 5 2014

Number of pieces


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